Receive the most effective and economical treatment

What Is It

Medication therapy management is offered by Roadway Pharmacy to optimize drug treatments and improve therapeutic outcomes for our customers. We will conduct a comprehensive medication review, formulate a medication treatment plan, measure and monitor the effectiveness and safety of your medication, and document and educate our customers in order to maintain comprehensive patient care.

How It Works

We will meet with you in person, in a private, quiet and undisturbed setting. We will discuss all your medications, everything from prescription medications to nutritional products. Our pharmacist will review all the medications discussed earlier to ensure they are safe, are being taken properly, and are treating your medical condition. We also work with your doctors to make sure everything meets your health needs.

Why It Helps

Customers who receive this service have improved medication experiences and results. It can improve the effectiveness of your medications, avoid medication errors, save you time and money, and give you improved health. Doctors are supportive of the recommendations our pharmacists make to improve your health.

What To Bring

Bring questions, concerns, and issues you have with your medications. Also be sure to bring all medications and any other supplement (vitamins, herbal remedies, etc.) that you might be taking. We will talk privately for about 30-45 minutes and will review all your medications and go over all of your questions. The follow up appointment should take approximately 15-30 minutes. We will contact your doctor if necessary.